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Blankies: Our blankies are snuggly soft and perfect for cuddling. Some blankies feature a rattle in the head for even more fun! 


Multifunction Blankies: This marvelous blankie has tabs with varying textures, 3-D accents, and two teething rings that make this soft and cuddly blankie extra special. Some of the tabs crinkle, others have loops or knots to explore. Perfect for a teething baby who will love to chew and snuggle with this blankie. Great for monogramming! Multifunction Blankies measure 15-inches square.


Pacifier Blankies: Our soft and snuggly blankie securely holds your baby's pacifier while your baby holds the blankie. No more lost pacifiers! Each blankie measures 11 inches.


Soft N Snuggly Blankies: This blankie has it all! It has a loveable plush bunny head in the center with a rattle inside. It has a teething ring attached as well as multiple tabs that are great for a baby's sensory exploration - some tabs crinkle, some are loops, and some have knots. It measures 12" square and is a great price!




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